Breastfeeding and Your Child’s Oral Health Care

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Did you know that breastfeeding plays a key role in the smile of your child? Breastfeeding and your child’s oral health care can in many ways complement each other. The benefits of breastfeeding for a child’s dental health include the following:

– Studies have shown that babies who are breastfed are significantly less likely to develop malocclusions, including open bites, crossbites, and overbites.
– Even though genetics, pacifiers, baby bottles, and thumb sucking all affect proper tooth alignment in a child, breastfeeding can lower your child’s risk for curved teeth.
– Breastfeeding can help shield your infants from an assortment of oral health risks, including infections.
– Breastfeeding lowers a child’s likelihood of developing baby bottle tooth decay.
– Breastfed babies do not require weaning when they are teething.
– Sugar is present in breast milk, which although it is lower than in most other drinks, it can still pose a risk of cavities in your child.

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