What is silver diamine fluoride (SDF) and is it an option for your child?

Approved by the FDA, silver diamine fluoride is a liquid-based antimicrobial medication which is used to halt tooth decay. It is often recommended for children or patients who are more sensitive to cavity development, and our team uses Advantage Arrest® silver diamine fluoride by Elevate Oral Care® in our office.

How is it used?
Applied to the surfaces of the teeth with a micro brush, the free silver ion reacts with a topical fluoride to remineralize the enamel of the teeth with missing or reduced vital minerals.

Is it effective?
Studies have shown that silver diamine fluoride is effective in 70 to 90 percent of patients, with greater results upon reapplication.

What are the benefits?
Silver diamine fluoride is cost effective, easy to apply and has high success rates. It does not require sedation and can be used for young children or patients with special needs.

Are there any risks?
Patients who receive silver diamine fluoride will notice their teeth turn a silver or dark color after application. This is normal and will fade over time. If the fluoride gets onto skin, it will become dark, but the discoloration will disappear within two to 14 days. Those with silver allergies should avoid this treatment, as well as patients who have gingivitis, mucositis or open wounds in their mouth. As silver diamine fluoride is a preventive treatment, patients should use this treatment in correlation with regular dental cleanings and other treatments as recommended by their dentist.

More information about SDF can be found at AAPD.org. You can also call Allen Pediatric Dentistry at 972-535-8169 to learn more about silver diamine fluoride in Allen, Texas, and schedule a visit with our pediatric dentists, Dr. Hunter or Dr. Aubel.