Childhood Cavities and Long Term Health

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As a parent teaching a small child basic dental care, one of the most important lessons you can teach them is the important link between their oral health care and their overall well-being. It’s not something that is often discussed, but it’s something you shouldn’t overlook.

While anyone of any age can get cavities, children with cavities are more adversely affected. Because eating with an infected tooth is painful, children will avoid using it while chewing. The body has trouble digesting the nutrients from improperly chewed food, and this can lead to weight loss. Help your child avoid these situations by assisting them with their brushing and flossing routines until they are old enough to tie their shoes.

Another way to promote healthy smiles is by supplying your child a proper diet that avoids too much candy or soda. This will not only help your child avoid tooth decay, but also give them the healthy nutrients they need. Teaching your child the importance of eating properly is a lesson they will be likely to carry on into their adult years.

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