Helping Your Child Feel Relaxed Before Bedtime Can Protect Their Smile

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If you have young, hyperactive children, then you may understand the difficulty of trying to get them relaxed in the evening so they can go to bed and fall asleep. Having a child feel relaxed before their bedtime not only helps them fall asleep, it can also prevent them from grinding and clenching their teeth at night.

What Is Bruxism?

Bruxism is the name given to the teeth grinding and clenching that occurs while one sleeps. Surprisingly, this condition is very common in kids, with about 30% of them experiencing it. Causes can range from malocclusion to jaw problems, but one of the most common triggers for bruxism is anxiety. If your child has a severe case of bruxism, then they may suffer from headaches, jaw problems, and tooth wear.

How Can I Help My Child Relax Before Bedtime?

Though most children grow out of teeth grinding and clenching, we know that many parents don’t want their children to suffer the effects of this condition. If you think that stress and anxiety is causing your child to brux, then here are some ways you can get them to relax right before bedtime:

  • Give them a warm bath
  • Play soothing music
  • Do not have them eat or engage in physical activity right before their bedtime
  • Try to determine their anxiety triggers and remove them
  • Limit their stimuli

Please call Allen Pediatric Dentistry today if you are concerned about your child’s bruxism condition. We will do our best to help.