Is Thumb Sucking a Serious Problem?

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Although thumb sucking is generally seen as a common habit that children have, it can be a serious problem and lead to serious oral health defects, including misalignments and slow growth of the permanent teeth. Thumb sucking can cause malocclusions and other spacing issues that result from the constant stress placed on the teeth.

Although pacifiers may seem like a healthy alternative, they carry the same risks that thumb sucking does. Pacifiers can increase your child’s risk for infection due to the introduction of new bacteria to their mouths if the pacifiers are not always clean. Generally, both thumb sucking and pacifiers should be avoided to ensure your child’s smile can thrive and achieve its best possible look.

If left untreated, thumb sucking can hinder the growth of teeth, including teeth that have yet to appear. For additional treatments including placing foul substances on your child’s finger, it is best to consult with the child’s pediatrician. Your children often suck their thumbs as a defense mechanism, so begin by reinforcing confidence-building activities with the child.

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