Looking Forward to Your Child’s Dental Exam

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We hope that your appointments to our office are soothing and enjoyable, for you and for your children. We know that a few children have an irrational fear of the dentist’s office, and we do all we can to make their checkups enjoyable, starting when they are very young. Here are some bits of info about what you can expect when you bring your baby to our office for a visit for the first time.

Because your child should come with you to visit our office for the first time between half of a year and one year of age, they will need to sit on your lap as you sit in the dental chair. Our dentist will observe your child’s teeth and jaws to ensure that they are growing appropriately. They will next inspect the child’s oral cavity for any tooth decay, oral injuries or developmental concerns. If everything looks right, the dentist will clean your baby’s pearly whites and give you some guidance on keeping up your child’s oral health so that they can grow into healthy pearly whites that will stay with them for a lifetime with attentive care.

The Allen Pediatric Dentistry team can be contacted at 972-535-8169, so if you need to arrange an appointment with Dr. Jessie Hunter in Allen, Texas, please contact us today to help your child get the dental care they deserve.