Parents (and children) who visit us for pediatric dental care may wonder what to expect during their first appointment. To satisfy your curiosity, we have outlined what will happen when you come to Allen Pediatric Dentistry. During the first cleaning appointment of children three years and older, we will:


• Examine their teeth for dental problems like cavities
• Examine their gums for infections like gum disease
• Check their mouth for other abnormalities like sores or patches
• Perform a comprehensive cleaning, which includes brushing, flossing, scaling, and polishing
• Evaluate occlusion, the way their teeth come together when they bite down
• Determine the results of childhood habits such as thumb sucking, pacifier use, etc.
• Take safe digital X-rays to examine tooth development in the places we cannot see
• Help your child stay healthy by developing an oral hygiene plan complete with brushing, flossing, fluoride, and diet tips
• Determine how vulnerable your child’s teeth are to cavities by performing a cavity-risk assessment


Dr. Hunter and Dr. Aubel strive to make your child’s appointment fun and easy so they will be eager and happy to visit a dentist again. We know that some children may feel nervous about receiving dental care, so we use kid-friendly terms to describe our tools and procedures. Here are a few of these terms that you can use in preparation for your child’s first visit:


• Dental exam—Counting teeth
• Dental X-rays—Picturesnew-patient-info
• Explorer tool—Tooth counter
• Suction—Mr. Thirsty or Thirsty Straw
• Cavities/tooth decay—Sugar Bugs
• Fluoride treatment—Tooth vitamins
• Laughing gas/Nitrous Oxide—Piggy Nose
• Shot or use a needle—Sleepy juice
• Mouth prop—Tooth pillow
• Rubber dam—Raincoat
• Tooth extraction—Wiggle tooth
• Drill/hand piece—Water whistle
• Fillings/restorations—Paint the teeth
• Topical anesthetic—Sleepy jelly/tooth is asleep


For your protection and oral health we are using DentaPure® water treatment cartridges on each of our dental units. This advanced water treatment technology was originally developed for NASA and successfully used for over 20 years to ensure that water consumed in space was free of bacteria, viruses and other harmful organisms. It truly is Rocket Science!