Preventing Tooth Decay in Your Child’s Smile

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The number one enemy of your child’s smile is tooth decay. No child looks forward to receiving dental treatment as a result of advanced tooth decay in their teeth. Fortunately, we can help you prevent dental cavities in your child’s teeth and protect their dental health.

First, we encourage you to ensure that you or your child cleans their smile at least twice a day to enhance their oral hygiene regularly. Brushing their teeth twice a day and flossing daily helps to remove any tooth decay-causing bacteria from the tooth enamel and gums before they affect your child’s smile.

We also encourage you to bring your child to see our pediatric dentists, Dr. Jessie Hunter and Dr. Karen Coe, at least twice a year so that we can provide important dental treatments to prevent the development of tooth decay. One of the treatments we offer is a fluoride application that strengthens and fortifies the tooth enamel against bacteria. We can also deep clean your child’s smile to remove damaging bacteria from their mouth.

Finally, take steps to avoid transferring oral bacteria to your child by not swapping saliva–which is a more prevalent risk than you may think, and typically occurs through shared toothbrushes, utensils, and food or drink.

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