Reverse Poor Oral Hygiene with Teething Treatments

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One of the most common issues that arise with the pediatric care of a child is through a condition known as teething. Teasing is common for every single child as it is the process in which teeth erupt above the gum line in their mouth. However, this process can often be painful or uncomfortable with children and can lead to several symptoms or ailments.

Are you aware of the symptoms and signs of teething? Although some children may not show any signs of teething at all, it is still important to provide the necessary care as needed. If you notice any difficulties with their sleeping habits, minor irritability, or fussing with your child, it could be due to a loss of appetite and excessive drooling. However, if your child starts to develop severe symptoms such as fevers or chills, you will need to consult their pediatric dentist.

Several treatments and tools are available to help alleviate pain that may be present with your child’s teething. This can consist of something as simple as a gauze pad to place over their gums. Other common tools that can be used to rub on their gums include small spoons, teething rings, or even your finger provided it is clean. Although teething gels and tablets do exist, they are not recommended for infants and babies because they can potentially harm the child.

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