The Tooth Fairy Can Help Make Losing Baby Teeth Fun

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If your child is nervous or anxious when it comes to losing their baby teeth, then our pediatric dentists, Dr. Jessie Hunter and Dr. Karen Coe, encourage you to introduce them to the Tooth Fairy. The Tooth Fairy is a mythical creature that can make losing little baby teeth more fun! She visits children all around the world when they lose their little chompers. When telling your child about the Tooth Fairy, you can share the following Tooth Fairy details:

-The Tooth Fairy started her career visiting children in Europe. Then she broadened her horizons as children across the world started hearing of her visits.

-The Tooth Fairy visits children when they lose teeth and place those teeth under their pillows.

-During the Tooth Fairy’s visit, she takes the tooth and replaces it with something valuable, like money or little trinkets.

-The Tooth Fairy is very quiet and only visits children when they are fast asleep. She doesn’t like to get caught! She is a very secret fairy.

-The Tooth Fairy loves every child she visits very much. Sometimes she even gives a hug or kiss goodnight!

-You can help the Tooth Fairy by making sure the teeth are healthy and strong. This means you need to take good care of your chompers when they are still in the mouth. You can also help the Tooth Fairy by cleaning the tooth before placing it under your pillow.

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