Use Our Tips to Help Your Child Love the Dental Office

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Dr. Jessie Hunter and our dental team understand that the dental office can be a nerve-wracking place, especially for children. However, there are ways you can change this. So if your child gets scared for their dental appointments, we encourage you to use our helpful tips.

The first tip is to use positive words (like clean, healthy, and strong) when talking to your child about their upcoming appointment or dental treatment. The words you use can help your child like or dislike visiting the dentist.

The second tip is to have your child listen to their favorite music or watch their favorite movie during their appointment. This can distract them from the treatment and provide a positive experience. If our dental office does not have a television available for your child, make sure you bring a smartphone or tablet so they can watch their entertainment on your device.

The third and final tip is to make sure you are a good example to your child. The way you act about your appointments has a significant impact on the way your child views the dentist. Make sure you use positive words and tell your child that the dental office can be a fun and comfortable place to be.

If you have any questions or if you would like additional tips on how to help your child feel comfortable at our dental office in Allen, Texas, please call Allen Pediatric Dentistry at 972-535-8169. We are happy to help you and your child have a great dental experience!